Video Marketing Topics | How To Find Good Topics For Videos (VIDEO)

Let’s face it, good topics for videos aren’t always easy to come up with. It really sucks to have a video sit on your web site gathering dust because your video marketing topics simply didn’t hit home with your viewers or readers.

Well, dust-be-gone because in this article and video, you will learn a fast and effective method to find video marketing topics that will attract viewers to your video content who are already searching for exactly what you produced.

Here’s what you need to know before you even think of lights, camera and action!

Your Video Must Solve a Problem

When you are looking for video marketing topics for your marketing project, bear in mind the best marketing strategies are those that solve your customers or viewers problems. This can be challenging because when we go to create a video or piece of marketing material, we tend to think from our own perspectives  or what we “think” our viewers want to see, which frequently is way off base.

And a vanity video of you telling customers about you and your business may be good for the “about me” page, but it won’t make you money. So you must find a way to learn what your customers want and give it to them. Too much work goes into a production to have it linger on YouTube or your website with no views or not generating income for you.

It’s up to you to create the video that shows the people you want to serve, how you or your product will help them.

The following are two strategies for finding video marketing topics:

1) Finding the topic through engagement

One sure fire way to come up with great video marketing topics is to engage with your customers.

  • ​You can send out a quick google or survey monkey form that elicits the  problems (within your niche or business) they currently face and aren’t getting solved. This is also a great way to re-connect with past customers and show you care.
  • You can hang out in forums or on relative Facebook pages and simply watch the conversations for problems you can solve.
  • You can also benefit from looking through competitors negative reviews. Find out what viewers are complaining about with your competitors service and create a solution that addresses those issues.

Now, if your business is newer and you have little to no customer base, don’t worry, the next method is the perfect place to start.

2) Use Keyword research (the fastest approach)

This method is actually quite time effective because you can expect to find your results within an hour and you’ll know you are on track because keyword phrases are what people are actually typing into their search bar when they are looking for solutions. The guesswork is pretty much eliminated.

Also, when you are in the beginning stage of your business, you really don’t have much of a customer base to pull from,  so you will not be able to engage with them as you would in the first method. 

Even if you choose the engagement route, you can narrow down the video marketing topics even further by doing excellent keyword research. 

 Keyword research has always been used to find topics for blogs and other online content. It is a fast and effective way to find the perfect video marketing topics and titles for your videos. 


What to look for in your keyword search for video marketing topics

Here’s what you are looking for when it comes to choosing a keyword phrase that will become the title and topic of your video. I use the Jaaxy Keyword tool which is super easy to use and finds the key criteria I look for quickly. 


  •  Low competition The fewer the websites using your chosen phrase, the faster your video moves to the front of the line in the search engines, namely Google. Look for under 200 competing websites for any given keyword phrase.
  •  Enough search volume High search volume would be great, although, most of the time, those high numbers come with a lot of competition for the same phrase. I want a number of 50 average searches per month or more.
  •  High SEO score– This will mean that the keyword has a high likelihood of being searched through a search engine like Google. If you are using Jaxxy, look for a 90 plus score

  I’ve created this step by step video to show you how to come up with a Video Marketing Topic in under three minutes.

A quick recap

  • Use your favorite keyword research tool or aa keyword tool like Jaxxy to discover the problems your viewer are already seeking solutions for.
  • Identify grammatically correct search phrase for your video marketing topic and title.
  • Look for low competition. Keep the number of websites competing for your phrase under 200.
  • If you’r using Jaxxy, only look for a KQI of GREEN and a SEO score of 90 plus.

You can try Jaxxy here if you don’t have a keyword tool that works for you. They will give you 30 free searches. You will need to give them your email address to do so but it’s wort it.

Final thoughts

Before I used engagement and keyword research, my video marketing topics were hit and miss. The key here is to start getting visitors to your sight with videos that offer solutions the their problems. Even if your top video doesn’t sell many services or products, bringing people to your sight through an informative and problem solving video will expose them to the other services you offer. 

The bottom line is make helpful videos, a lot of them! People will show up and you will see the fruits of your labor in ways you never expected.

Until next time, that’s a wrap!

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  1. Hi Stephen, Thanks for a brilliant post, this was the perfect read for me just as I’m about to get started with videos. Will do some avatar discovery interviews first so that I’m clear on what my audience needs. Which video software do you recommend? I’ve played around with Screencast-O-Matic and I really like it. What do you use?

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for your comments! When you say software, are you speaking of screen recording or editing the entire video?  I use a MAC so for my screen recording, I use Quick Time (it comes free with your Mac) and for editing I use iMovie (also free with your Mac). I try to keep things super simple. Does this help?

  2. Hi, thanks for a nice walkthrough.
    In your comment, you wrote that you use iMovie for your videos. I tried it and found it a bit complicated. Can you recommend some good video training on how to use “mac for videos” products?

    And I liked an idea of using the keyword tool for a headline (and content).
    One question – does use of a keyword tool help to rank YouTube video? I thought keywords are helpful mostly for the website content and not videos.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Audrey, thanks for the comments. Regarding iMovie, I pretty much taught myself how to use this. Perhaps it’s time for me to create a video on iMovie. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

      Regarding keywords. I just did a quick search within Youtube for the title of this blog, which is the keyword, Video Marketing Topics, and it came up first in Youtube. I searched it again in google video search, it came up third.  So the answer is yes, it definitely helps rank YouTube videos. 

  3. I think keyword research is the best way to go, after being online for about a year now I’ve come to realise how important it really is. I know writing blog posts is different from video but I think keyword research give you a much clearer idea of what to talk about and how to structure your content.

    1. Yes Lyle!  It’s a no brainer. Some times it’s hard to work it into a title but we always find a way, don’t we?  🙂

  4. Hello there! I just recently made a website and I want to boost the visitors of it. I tried sharing it to my social media but it didn’t work and also I shared my website to my friends but ended up being unsuccessful. I ran out of idea on how to boost the visitors of my website. Luckily, I found your article that talks about video marketing. I think this will really help me boost my website visitor. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Hi John. Yea, video and patients will help a lot. Target those keywords and use them in your title. Then share it with G+ etc… Good luck!

  5. Do you have some suggestions as far as which forums I should become a member of? This is in regards to finding topics for engagement.

    I have just signed up to the warrior forum. Do you have any other ones.

    Also, is survey monkey free to use as far as creating surveys for potential audiences?

  6. This is an excellent article! Loved the walk-through video too. I’ve been struggling with this very thing and want to make sure I get it right from the get-go.

    Quick question… I’m writing out a marketing calendar for my blog. I’m currently thinking about updating the blog 3 times a week (2 articles and 1 video), would you say that’s enough video content for my Youtube channel?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Joshua! For me, when I make a video, it takes about 3 days. 1 day to write the script, 1 day shoot, 1 day editing.  I frequently make a video to accommodate a blog post. Try this:

      1 Day research info for blog

      1 day write blog

      1 day edit blog (or have someone do it for you)

      1 day make script from blog

      1 day shot video

      1 day edit.

      So, if you are on your own and doing everything, it may be more realistic to make 1 blog post and a video. Give that a shot. 🙂

      1. Thanks for this! 🙂
        What do you use to research video topics and keywords?

        This is something that I’m still trying to get my head around.
        Thanks for your help!

        1. Hey Joshua, I use Jaaxy, there is a link to their free search tool within the article, give it a shot, you like it a LOT! 🙂

  7. Thanks I was interested in getting in to incoporating videos into marketing strategy and this definitely gave me a lot of ideas to mull over and work with.

    Are there any free/cheap video editing programs or tools I can use to help me get started? I’ve been using my windows built in game recording program but its not that good.

    1. Have you tried Movie Maker, I think it’s free with Windows. I used to use it. I use iMovie from my Mac and it serves the purpose. I think Camtasia’s video editor  works pretty well too, from what I hear. They have a trial version to check it out. Good luck!

  8. Hi there. I just read your article about video marketing and just thought I would drop you a quick comment to say thanks.

    You have shared some good advice here. Selecting the topic for your video is something that many people get stuck with I think. I know I certainly did. But one thing that really helped me was engaging with other people that were interested in my niche. It’s surprising what you can pick up from other people. You learn what your audience are looking for and the terms that they use. Valuable information.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,


    1. Yes Andrew, you are right about engagement. Then, once you know what they want, you can do a keyword search at Jaaxi or whatever you use and hone it done even more precise. Hope your video making is amazing Andrew!

  9. Very good info here. I see that you mentioned Jaaxy for keyword research. I also use Jaaxy for my video keyword research although it’s meant for Google searches rather than YouTube searches. My thought is that it will show up on Google better which is one reason I don’t really bother with the YouTube keyword research tools. I do, however, use a free version of VidIQ which is a YouTube keyword research tool. So I was wondering if you have any experience with a YouTube keyword research tool and if they are any better/worse than using a tool like Jaaxy?

    1. Hi Marlinda, thanks for the comments. Keep using that free version of VidIQ, I find it useful and it’s free! I’m playing around with VidIQ more and hope to do a post on that soon, stay tuned!

  10. Hi there,
    Many thanks for this interesting and informative post on the importance of using videos for promoting our business.
    I have been doing a Social Media Marketing course over the last two months and our educator cannot stress enough the importance of using video content on our posts and blogs.
    No matter what the topic or niche of our business, we can always find something to upload to a video and post it on our sites.
    So when i came across this post, it really peaked my interest and you have added some more value to this idea.
    I have saved this post for future reference.
    Thanks again and continued success,
    Cheers Phil Browne

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