Video Marketing For Beginners

Video marketing for beginners isn’t difficult if you know who your viewers or customers are, what problem you will solve for them and with which product or service you will offer them a solution.

Once you understand this, then you can choose a video marketing technique, such as a “how to” or “product review” video format that works best for your needs.

You’ll then need to  decide if you want to share your content on Youtube, Facebook, your blog or another type of video marketing strategy. 

Let’s cover in brief the steps you’ll need to take to make the energy you put into your video marketing pay off.

What’s your niche?

It’s fine to create an “about me” video for the “about me” section of your website, blog or vlog but that video is not designed to convert because you are not addressing specific problems your prospects have.

Creating a highly generalized video about how great you are at what you do and how they should contact you the next time they need whatever you have to offer will probably not result in a conversion from viewer to buyer/client.

Before you sit behind your camera, you need to have a topic, product or service in mind that solves a problem within your target market, otherwise known as your Niche.

For example, if you are a real estate agent, perhaps you are seeking to attract people who are looking to buy a home in your city. But “looking to buy a home” is really too broad when it comes to spending your energy and marketing budget. If you market yourself to just “home buyers” you will probably not get a favorable result in your video marketing efforts.

However, if you learn through your niche research that there is a subset of buyers looking to buy “fixer uppers” because the perception is that they are getting a good deal, you can create video marketing material around buying “fixers-uppers.” This is getting very specific and solving a problem for your prospects. What is the problem? Your prospects are on a budget and feel like buying a “fixer upper” will save them money. What is the solution? You will show them how to buy a good fixer upper, what to look for and how to negotiate these deals.

Here are some other industry specific problems with transformational solutions.


The patient’s problem: Ugly yellow teeth.

The Solution: Bleaching or veneers.

Hair Stylist-

The client’s problem: Their grey hair is making them feel old and unattractive.

The Solution: Natural looking hair color that makes the client look and feel younger.

Fitness coach

The client’s problem: They have belly fat and very little time to work out.

The Solution: A 15 min daily workout and nutritional program that will result in weight loss and higher self-esteem.

Think of your business and drill down to find a very specific problem you know your target market is having a challenge with. You can do this by doing niche keyword research and by getting involved in the forums and online social media sites they hang out in.

Choose a video marketing technique

You’ll have to decide which of the types of video marketing techniques is best suited for you. What will your approach be? Will you be playing more of a “host” role and talking to the camera? Or will you create a PowerPoint or keynote presentation with voice over and convert it into a video? You may choose to do a hybrid and toggle back and forth between “you” and the “PowerPoint/keynote” video. There are so many options you could go with.

What you choose will depend greatly upon the equipment, budget and your target niche.


Basic video production equipment to get started

Video marketing for beginners doesn’t have to be expensive, especially in the beginning. People do not expect Hollywood Quality videos. They just want you to offer them a solution to their problem, delivered in a sincere and easy to understand way. So, you can start off using what you have to test the waters.

Learn more hear about the basic video production you’ll need to get up and running here.

Find the right marketing strategy

Once you know who you are serving, which problems you’ll solve and and how you’ll make your video, you need to find a strategy that you and your target market can connect with. Where are your people hanging out? Do they google search for answers and enjoy reading blogs? Or is social media where they hang out?

The strategy you choose must be in line with where your customers are more likely to search for answers.

There are lots of options, so do your research and find a video marketing strategy that works best for your situation.


Engage your audience

Video marketing isn’t a “set it and forget it ” solution to building your business. In fact, you will make many videos, through trial, error and testing to find what really works for you.

The only way to know if your people are interested in what you have to say is to look at the numbers and hear what your audience are  talking about.

By engaging them where they hang out, be it through social media, blog posts, email or live networking, you will learn how and if your message is getting across. You will also learn about more of their problems which is fodder for more of your “problem solving” videos.

So there you have it

It’s highly likely you have most of the tools you need to begin your video marketing system and you can make a pretty decent video that will bring you some business.

You can always upgrade as your efforts pay off. As long as you keep at it and continue to learn, your efforts will pay off. Just give it some time and continue to do your market and niche research so you know what people are already looking for, rather than trying to sell them on an idea or solution to a problem they don’t know they have.

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