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Hello TVMG readers and subscribers, welcome to The Jaaxy Review. In my blogs and videos, I frequently bring up the Jaaxy keyword research tool and how I use it to find the topics for my videos, blog post and of course how to zero in on a Niche or sub-Niche.

Below you will find my take and rating on the Jaaxy keyword research too. For faster navigation of the review you can use the speed menu just below to jump to what you want to know the fastest.

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Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that was developed by two gentlemen, Kyle and Carson, over at Wealthy Affiliate internet marketing, and training platform, if you are familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, then  you know it’s going to be top notch product . They both tapped into their experience as affiliate marketers to build a tool that is both easy and powerful to use and have done a really nice job of it.. 

Whether you are trying to find topics for your videos that will push them to the first page of google, write viral blog post content or starting a niche based ecommerce website, Jaaxy comes to the rescue because Jaaxy functions by collecting and displaying easily readable data from the three major search engines, Bing, Google and Yahoo. 

What really makes Jaaxy unique from other keyword research tools, like the Google keyword planner, is that It arranges the gathered search data in a format that makes it easily accessible to niche pursing individuals. Spend about 3 minutes on Google keyword planner and your eyes will glaze over as your brain is bombarded with data that requires a huge learning curve to comprehend.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to make use of the Jaaxy keyword research tool.  Jaaxy saves you time, helps you find amazing keywords and key-phrases, it is ideal for accurate keyword data and is displayed in a way that is easy to comprehend. They just make it easy. 



The intuitive of the Jaaxy keyword research tool


AVG- This number is the number of times this exact phrase is typed into a search bar. Unlike Google keyword search tool, Jaaxy gives you an exact number, which can make a huge difference compared to looking at Googles gauge number system.

TRAFFIC-this is the projected monthly traffic expected after ranking your website on Google first page. This is the lowest possible estimated traffic so it may come as a surprise receiving more than expected. I never look at this number.

QSR- Quoted search results: this showcases your competition; that is, how many pages are competing with you for the exact same keyword. Jaaxy uses powerful algorithms to accurately determine keyword competition within search engines to provide an accurate figure.  Personally, I try to only look at numbers well below 200. 

KQI-Keyword quality indicator: the traffic light design indicator shows you a yellow, green, or red color to indicate your keywords. Red stands for poor and yellow is fairly okay but green indicates great.  I have many friends who only look at the KQUI and choose only words and phrases that are a beautiful green great.

SEO power: this is based on the scores from the other indictors and ranges from between 0 to 100, it adequately shows if the selected keywords are suitable for SEO. Meaning; how easy it is to rank for a specific keyword and if it will offer your website an enormous number of visitors.  The bottom line is, the greater the number is the better it gets. I shoot for 90+

Domain search:  Love this! This feature checks and informs us if there is an availability of exact match domain names for 8 various dimensions of TLDs (domain extensions) available for your chosen keyword. 

Some other features include:

Brainstorm:  As the name suggest, open up this feature and “brainstorm” a list of potential keyword ideas you have into Jaaxy and save this list to use on the keyword tool. This way you don’t have to toggle back and forth between your writing or memorized list of ideas and risk losing the good ones. 

Site rank: it is great for checking the performance of your post or site in search engine ranking. You can also use this metric to view the statistics of your keyword competitors.

Jaaxy and training

I’ve only experienced one time with the site was a bit wonky for about an hour so I have had no need to contact Jaaxy for support, but, rumor has it that Jaaxy has a pretty effective and trustworthy support team that responds pretty timely. 

When it comes to the training aspect, the founders of Jaaxy; Kyle and Carson are pretty well known for the training they provide with both Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy. Jaxxy’s support is spot on, with lots of helpful information and plenty of supplementary video material.


Jaaxy has three different plans—you can use them for free with limitations or as much as $49 (Pro)-$99 (Enterprise) per month but with many features as the price increases.

Jaaxy also offers a free trial. I personally started off free and have eventually upgraded to Enterprise simply because it allows me to save more search list and is faster.  If you’re just starting out, and have a friend who would benefit from Jaaxy, you could always share an account to split the cost. I think it would be totally worth doing that if you are able to get along and share!

Jaaxy As a finder

If you are stuck in the “niche discovery mud” stage of building your online business then I think you’ll see this is another area where Jaaxy shines as a keyword research tool. 

Spend a few minutes trying out Jaaxy’s free version and you’ll not only find ideas for a Niche market to build your business on, but you’ll be able to drill down and find sub niches and clean up on the business the big boys and girls leave behind. 

As a reminder, a niche is a specialization within a given business—this could be in the form of a product, service or downloadable file. For example, a real estate agent business may have different niches within it such as listing agent, first time buyer’s agent, agents focusing on foreclosure etc. This is another reason I like Jaaxy. Because it also provides useful information about keyword competition. With Jaaxy it is possible for anybody to find keywords, that when used naturally, will drive huge volumes of traffic to the online business. 

To learn more, read: How To Find A Niche Market Within Your Business

Finding and titles for your videos and blogs with Jaaxy

It’s no secret that Keyword research tools have has always been used to find great topic for blogs and other online content. It is also a quick and super effective way to find the amazing video marketing topics and titles for your videos. I use Jaaxy mostly for this very purpose. 

I can’t stress enough that when you create your video, blogging or any digital marketing strategy for that matter, your content must be aimed at providing a solution or solutions to your customers frequently asked questions or problems. What this means for you as an internet marketer is; before you dive into investing in a particular niche, you have to make adequate research, if your niche has customers with problems you can offer a solution. This is to avoid spending time and resources on a niche you cannot provide solution on. 

Because of the precision numbers Jaaxy provides as a keyword research tool, you are not writing and hoping there’s an audience for your message or that there’s too much competition to rank high in the search engines. 

Again, spend a few minutes on the free version, let your imagination run wild and see what you come up with.

To learn more, read: How To Find Good Topics For Videos

Monitoring your competitors

Jaaxy is not only helpful for keyword searching needs—it gives you accurate statistics for every keyword and also shows how many competing websites are using the search phrase or term on their websites and in their video marketing strategies. 

You know how important is to keep tabs on your competitors, and Jaaxy Site Rank does a great job at this.  It makes it easier to be informed of the most recent search trends. Information like this can be very useful in the creation of local SEO tags. I think small and medium scaled enterprises can benefit a lot from using a tool like the Jaaxy keyword research tool. Bloggers and Vloggers are not left in the search for keyword optimization—Jaaxy makes it fast and fun to find the correct niche.  

The Jaaxy Review

Jaaxy keyword research tool narrows down keyword research to the most effective results, really fast and in a very intuitive way. While Jaaxy features several excellent Keyword indicators, the top 3 that will serve you the best are:

  1. QSR-Quoted search results: which showcases your competition. Try to stay under 200. 
  2. KQI-Keyword quality indicator: Green is a go, stick with that and you’ll have yourself a high-quality keyword.
  3. SEO-The bottom line is, the greater the number is the better it gets. I shoot for 90+.
  • Jaaxy support and training Jaaxy has a pretty effective and trustworthy support team, with lots of helpful information and plenty of supplementary video material.
  • Jaaxy Pricing- Jaaxy has three different plans—you can use them for free with limitations or as much as $49 (Pro)-$99 (Enterprise) per month but with many features as the price increases. Jaaxy also offers a free trial, try it here 

Jaaxy is a great  niche finder– If you are stuck in the “niche discovery mud” stage of building your online business, Jaaxy is an excellent Niche finding tool. 

Jaaxy helps you find topics and titles for your videos and blogs To learn more, read: Finding topics and titles for your videos and blogs

Jaaxy helps you with your competitors- Jaaxy gives you accurate statistics for every keyword and also shows how many competing websites are using the search phrase or term on their websites and in their video marketing strategies.


It finds low competition keywords that makes ranking easy
Its accurately predicts how competitive a keyword is
It is super easy to use
Discover affiliate programs for your keywords and niche
Short learning curve
Know immediately if .com, .net or .org are available for your search term
Save keyword list
Brainstorming tool


Only English language
Premium pricing

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I experience Jaaxy as a tool that saves me a boatload of time and money. There’s absolutely no way I could hire someone to do the same research, this quickly and accurately for the investment I make in Jaaxy every month.

Until next time, that’s a wrap!

Jaxxy Free

Give Jaaxy’s free trial a shot and let me know about your experience in the comments below.

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The Jaaxy Review Rating
  • Keyword Research Accuracy
  • Ease Of Use
  • Competetion Monitoring
  • Cost


As you can see by my rating, Jaaxy ranks pretty darn good as a keyword research tool. The bottom line for me as always is, user friendliness (I don’t want a 2-day seminar on how to use a product) and does it work (make me money) and the answers to both of those questions are YES & YES.


  1. I have been using Jaaxy for the past few months and it is amazing! Prior to using that, I stuck with the free keyword tool that WA had to offer, but once I upgraded to Jaaxy, I realized it is so much better!

    When I search for keyword phrases to include in my articles, I usually will seek out the ones that have less than 100 QSR and a high SEO estimate of around 90 or more.

    I think having the domain search feature is quite useful for someone who is just starting a website and coming up with the right name. This is actually what I remember doing months back when I was creating my first domain.

    Also, while I never had to use the support or training there, since there is already training about this program at WA, I can definitely see this being top notch, considering it is made by the owners of WA.

    I can see some saying that the pricing is a bit high, but I believe that this service is well worth getting just for the $49 per month plan as you definitely get what you pay for!

    My question is, do you think it is worth upgrading to the enterprise plan?

  2. Great review about jazzy… it was very detailed in how you described it.

    Having personally used jaxxy I have to agree that it is an excellent keyword tool.

    I also like the alphabet soup technique yiu can do with it, as it can give you lots of keywords.

    Have you bought jaxxy and if so how much has it helped you ?

    1. Hey Michael. Yes, I have. In fact I started using Jaaxy before Wealthy Affilate. It’s a huge time saver and helped me find my first and subsequent niches. If you’re on the fence, just get it. I have no regrets. 🙂

  3. Great article. When I first used the Jaaxy keyword research tool during the trial period I absolutely loved it. It had really great information. Then after the trial ended I wondered what the great advantages were for Jaaxy’s tool over wealthy affiliate’s native keyword research tool. What do you think?

    1. Hi Iain, thanks for your comment.  I checked out the keyword search tool at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s pretty good but still doesn’t organize things as well and give as much info as Jaaxy. When your budget and accommodate, do the upgrade. Hoe your work is going well!

  4. Hi there!

    I never used Jaaxy personally, but I do use the keyword tool of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Can you please explain a little bit more about SEO power? Does Jaaxy check out the websites on page 1 and sees how hard it is to outrank them?

    If so, I consider using Jaaxy because WA doesn´t offer that!

    Thanks for your help!

  5. Keyword tool is simply essential to build a successful website. Jaaxy is really good especially for newbies as it’s so simple and easy to use. I like it how it allows you to do 30 searches for free to test out and see if you like it or not. I’ve been using it for a long time and don’t plan to stop any time soon.

  6. This is an extremely thorough in-depth review of the Jaaxy keyword research tool. I’m familiar with the Google Keyword Research Tool. However, I’ve never used Jaaxy before. I think Jaaxy is a great tool because it collects data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So how long have you been using the Jaaxy keyword research tool?

  7. Jaaxy is by far the most advanced keyword research tool on the Internet. Just as you mentioned Jaaxy makes it easy for you. My only complaint is the recent increase in price which is justifiable but still can be disappointing. Nevertheless, a must have tool for anyone who wants to rank in any niche. Great overview!

    1. Thanks John, yea, the price thing. But I can’t find anything else as good. Also, it’s still priced competitively. Thanks for the comment!

  8. Hi, Stephen. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for not quite 3 years now I can fully attest to how awesome the Jaaxy keyword research tool is in helping me to build relevant content for my business website; based on the use of proper keywords.

    Jaaxy is in another league by itself compared to other research tools in all that it provides to an individual. I believe that the KQI or Keyword Quality indicator is unique in that no other site provides that type of info as to the quality of a potential keyword, or keyword phrase.

    In addition to all of that, the fact that Kyle and Carson also implemented within Jaaxy the site rank tool to see how well, (or poorly) that a content article ranks on the search engines based on the keyword is such a powerful addition to everything else that is offered. I could ask the question what other competing keyword research tool on the Internet would provide that particular info, (site ranking and also store this info for future study) as Jaaxy provides to the website owner? My guess would be not that many.

    Best of all, and as illustrated in your article, it is quite simple to perform research in finding a suitable keyword phrase for a content article, as well as understand all of the info that comes back after a search.

    As I stated before, Jaaxy is the best keyword tool within the market!


    1. Well said Jeff. Yes, I want to cover the site rank tool next. I try to keep my post as focused as possible.  Site-Rank will be one of my next posts.

  9. This is a wonderful and informative review and I have learned a lot about Jaaxy from reading it. I was aware of the tool but not of all the things it can really do and I’m very interested in using it to monitor competitors and to find titles for videos which I hope to start soon. Keywords really are the ‘key’s to the bank in affiliate marketing so thank you for taking the time to review Jaaxy and create the post.

    1. Hey Gail, yes, I didn’t dive too much into the “monitoring competition” in the post as it was getting long already but it certainly is a good tool for that. Also to see how fast your post and keywords are ranking compared to them. Nice tool for this! Thanks Gail!

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