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I wasn’t looking for the best affiliate training program when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, at the time, I was looking for a way to create an online coaching business and was in the niche discovery process, so affiliate marketing wasn’t even on my radar.

Much like you, I was reading lots of reviews and doing my research. I was searching for reviews on the best keyword tools to find a niche, and I stumbled upon a Jaaxy review, which included a review about Wealthy Affiliate.

As I mentioned, I wasn’t considering affiliate marketing at the time but I was super interested in how targeted their education was on finding and pursuing a niche, which as it turns out is a major focus for affiliate marketers and applies to any online business. It is a strength for all of us who depend upon the internet for marketing and exposure and extract from this form of online business.

Wealthy Affiliate’s step by step tutorials and education on finding your niche and building a website was a major selling point for me when I discovered them, not to mention the cost of membership was extremely low, especially compared to all the other educational offerings out there. As of this post, their fees are about $49 per month and if you buy a year in advance, it’s significantly less.

I had tried several coaching programs that cost as much as $2K that all focused on the same thing, find a niche and solve your customers’ problems, which is absolutely correct. However, the thing the other programs would never teach me properly is HOW to find a niche.

All of the other coaching programs were “hands-off.” Meaning, if you wanted support you would have to email them and wait for a response which is a total show stopper when you are in your discovery or creative zone. By the way, I was fortunate enough to get a refund from everyone of those programs!

While Wealthy Affiliate has a free trial, my location in the Philippines didn’t allow me to utilize the free trial, so I went ahead and paid for a month to check it out. As it turns out, it was a very good move on my part.

I do have experience with building a WordPress site, but in today’s extremely competitive and quickly evolving world of online businesses, you really need to keep up with all the latest SEO strategies and you must also know your niche and how to target it. Wealthy Affiliate taught me all of that and continues to provide me awesome support and education.

VIDEO | A Look Inside Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate Benefits

Here’s what Wealthy affiliate offers their members and why myself and many others feel that Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate training program. And, let’s not forget those who are simply working to get their local or international online businesses to flourish and aren’t interested in affiliate marketing (like I was). The techniques you’ll learn and the support you’ll receive will outshine most of the other training available to you online.

Niche and development

If you understand the concept of Niche then you already know that it’s far more lucrative to give people solutions they’re ALREADY looking for than to create a service or product and HOPE they’ll show up.
Wealthy Affiliate will help you take any of your passions and turn it into a business. The step by step and trackable training at Wealthy Affiliate will educate you on how to monetize any idea, talent, or passion that you have. And you really don’t need experience or a product to sell. Just show up with your passion or interest and they really do jump hurdles to help you to turn that into a profitable business.

Guidance & From Beginning To Success

There has never been a time I haven’t had a question answered within minutes. When I was narrowing down my Niche, I threw my ideas and concepts out to the community and leaders and always received solid and helpful feedback. I was never made to feel like I was asking too many or stupid questions.

-Goal oriented-Self Paced Classes

I really don’t know where to start here. There is SO much training offered and it is all laid out for you in modules with step by step easy to follow tutorials. They can all be done at your own pace and you can pick and choose what you want to learn if you already have experience in building an online business or affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is amazing for beginners but even if you are not a beginner your will appreciate the education as there is always something to be learned. WA offer so much that it’s almost impossible to lay it all out here in words without turning this into a 3000 blog post.

Please watch my video walk through for a brief rundown on what’s available in the course section of Wealthy Affiliate.

24/7 Live

Support and live chat are always available at WA, 24/7. Just open up a ticket and you will often get a return message within a minute or two.

There is also the Live Chat in which seasoned members help new members out with their questions. I usually go this route first, especially when it comes to getting opinions and feedback.

I love the mentorship aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. From day one, I received emails from my mentor with subsequent follow ups. I actually thought he was the owner of the company, no joke. Eventually, I discovered he was just really passionate about helping me and is successfully living full-time working online in his  niche.

Build and Host Your – Included with your membership.

When I joined WA, I didn’t realize I could host up to 25 websites, fully inclusive in my membership. Of course you have to buy your domain name, as with every other hosting company, but after that, building your site is super fast. Even if you are seasoned in building WordPress sites, you’ll appreciate that everything literally takes seconds to build (Again see my video to make sense of this if you are new to building websites).

The bottom line is, you pick your niche, buy a domain name, click a couple of links, choose an awesome template (or upload your own if you have one) and you will have a website in less than 15 minutes. Awesome!


Yourself With Like Minded and Successful People

As they say, you are who you hang out with. Another aspect of WA I love is that there are lots of successful Wealthy Affiliate members available to chat with you at any given time. They say there are 1000’s, I don’t know, I only chat one at a time.

I live in Asia and travel extensively, so having the community there to toss ideas around and get opinions is important to me.

In my opinion, there is no better place to network and surround yourself with people that can help you create your online presence.

Some of the other coaching programs I joined had Facebook groups but it was hit and miss when it came to finding people who were passionate and really wanted to help, not just stand around the virtual water cooler and chat. With that in mind, when you ask a question within the community, be concise and to the point. When you get help, always say thank you!


  • Support and help with niche discovery and development
  • Guidance & handholding
  • Self paced tutorials and education
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Mentorship
  • Free Web Hosting, up to 25 domain names
  • Like minded members to support you on your journey




  • Free trial does not apply to residents of all countries. I think this is a Security/IP Address issue.

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Niche Finding And Development – Wealthy Affiliate will help guide you in taking your talents and passions and turning them into a business. The step by step training at Wealthy Affiliate will educate you on how to choose your niche and monetize it.

Guidance & Handholding From Beginning To Success – Whether you are a newbie or well seasoned, you will get all the guidance you need within minutes from either the community, support or tutorials.

Education-Goal oriented-Self Paced Classes – The training offered at wealthy affiliate is laid out for you in modules with step by step easy to follow tutorials. They can be done at your own pace and you can pick and choose what you want to learn if you already have experience.

24/7 Live Support – Support and live chat is always available at WA, 24/7. Just open up a ticket and you will often get a return message within a minute or two.

Build And Host Your Website – Host up to 25 websites, fully inclusive in your membership, see image above for specs.

Surround Yourself with like minded and successful people – There are always many successful Wealthy Affiliate members available to chat with you at any given time, regardless of your time zone, who are ready to help and offer support.


I’m grateful I did not proceed with the other super expensive and support-less options I had considered and joined the Wealthy Affiliate community.

There is so much information out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up. If you’re looking for some direction, education and f

eedback along the way, then Wealthy Affiliate is probably a good choice for you.

You may also contact me directly by commenting below or sending me an email about any thing I haven’t covered. If you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate contact me within the community and I am more than happy to offer you assistance, along with the other extremely and helpful and knowledgeable community members.

Here’s a link to atrial, please use it and say hello to me once you get inside.

Those are my thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate, I hope it has answered any questions about WA.

Until next time, that’s a wrap!

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    I read your post on Wealthy Affiliate and have to say it is one of the best reviews I have come for making money online.

    I signed up six months ago so I feel highly qualified to attest to the power of the Training, Support, Live Chat etc etc there is too much to list for such a low price!

    .For me, I did not know anything about Affiliate Marketing! Nothing. Now I land Page 1 in Google everyday, I could not have done this, without WA.

    Did I try else where first?

    You bet! They just confused me and I wasted years of my life thinking I was doing good but still no results.

    That has all changed and I feel strongly that anyone that joins Wealthy Affiliate, with a real desire to be successful online, will have the opportunity and training to achieve great things.

    Thank you Stephen, it was a pleasure to read, and by the way, the video explains WA perfectly!



    1. Hey Phillip,

      Looks like we’re both on the same page with Wealthy Affilate.  I’m glad you made it to the first page of Google, that’s amazing. 

      How long did it take you and what would you say helped you get there the fastest, in relation to SEO, content etc…?

  2. When looking at beginner and intermediate training you HAVE to consider wealthy affiliate. It’s a complete breakdown of what you need to be doing now. It’s a definite upgrade over programs of the past when internet marketing was in the infancy stages. These reviews are plenty for good reason because there is real social proof

  3. Wealthy affiliate is one of the best (if not the best) training programs out there. You can come here without any experience at all when it comes to affiliate marketing and building websites and still succeed. I haven’t seen any other programs where you would get so much value for such a low price.

    1. Hello again Rich. Yes, I think it’s good for anyone who depends on getting their message across via the web.  Thanks again for dropping by Rich. 

  4. Your page is very informative. It covers all the questions I would have had concerning WA I especially liked the fact breakdown and costs of the competition. Too bad you weren’t able to access the free trial but hey you would have bought anyway.Nice touch adding the video in there as well. You did lots of research on your topic and it showed. Great job.

  5. Hey Stephen this is one of the best review about the business by far. Love the way you broke down every part of this business with your review. I joined WA in the last week in July and this is the best affiliate marketing company out there in my reviews as well. Great job and I wish you all the luck with your business.

  6. As being a member myself, I really like how wealthy affiliate doesn’t leave anything out and teaches you EVERYTHING on how to start an online business.

    What’s even better is the owner kyle goes through the training with you and even makes money in doing so.

    So it just goes to show you this works and many people learning how to start and grow a business online thanks to WA.

    1. Hey Michael, thanks for your comment.  You are right about EVERYTHING. This has taught me sooo much about marking. It really can be applied to any niche regardless of if you are affiliate marketing or not. Thanks for comment!

  7. Hey Stephen,

    Great review!

    I actually had a very similar story to yours where I wasn’t even looking for Wealthy Affiliate and I just happened to stumble upon it while researching about marketing online. I feel so fortunate too because WA has by FAR been the best investment and resource for me to utilize in my online journey thus far.

    In my opinion, it’s the community of like-minded people and the instant, positive support you get that sets WA apart from everything else out there. There has never been a time where I haven’t had a question answered from either one of the tutorials or from someone in the Live Chat.

    Wealthy Affiliate tends to focus on teaching SEO tactics that revolve around using keywords to craft content but my question to you is do you think keyword article marketing is still relevant and will be for years to come or do you think it’s fading away with the rise in popularity of video and social media in recent years?

    All the best,


    1. Hi Geno,

      The short answer to your question is BOTH. One supports the other. Keyword marketing within your blog and within your VIDEO marketing is crucial and will be relevant for a long time. IMHO. Thanks for the question Geno!

  8. Hello Stephen:

    Your website is one of the most detailed and comprehensive presentations on Wealthy Affiliate as an option in the Affiliate Marketing business. Like you, I am interested in creating a career and income with an at home business that is online based. You have given such a positive review that I have to put Wealthy Affiliate at the top of my list of potential programs. Thanks so much for your input and I wish you and your family only the best. God bless.


  9. Hi Steve,
    Having been in Wealthy Affiliate since september, I will attest that , this is the best online training on how to build an affiliate market business. Before WA, I used to pay webmaster to build me websites , but with the training here , I was able to put together my first website within 30 minutes. I think anyone looking to build a long term successful online business need to start with wealthy affiliate. It will save them of wasted time and money. Great review.

    1. Hey Dr! 

      Yes, you can learn what you need here on your own, THEN you can pay someone to do as you direct. You won’t be blind to what is happening behind the scenes and you can build your online presence with purpose, rather than hoping the WEBMASTER is doing things right. Thanks for the comment!

  10. This is a very informative website. I love the training video summary that you have on your page. I have to admit, I too have spent a lot of money on other affiliate programs.

    I have become very reluctant to trust any of them. Some info is good, but it all gets super confusing. The way you describe Wealthy Affiliate make me feel like it’s not complicated at all! I think I’ll give it a go… At that price, why not?
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hey Jason, thanks for dropping by. Yes, for me the buck stops here. LOL. There are enough resources here for anyone to get their online biz off the ground.  You are welcome!

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