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Hello and welcome to The Video Marketing Guide.  My name is Stephen Jaimes and I’m originally from the US but currently living in the Philippine Islands helping video marketers around the world participate in the fastest growing and most effective way to market their passion online.


My first brush with Video Marketing came when I was a Real Estate agent during the burst of the US housing bubble in the mid 2000’s. During the hay-day of this market, finding clients was pretty easy because everybody was buying homes. It was almost like shooting fish in a barrel.

Of course, all of this changed overnight when the bubble burst and suddenly we had to work real hard to get the few buyers out there who could get a loan as customers.

I was left hanging high and dry because I still had the expenses that came along with the six figure salary, but no customers to cover those expenses. I was in pretty bad financial shape and needed to get real creative to drive new business to me as fast as possible.

The challenge was, I had NO MONEY for marketing and I had to sell almost everything I owned to keep a roof over my head. In other words, whatever marketing method I employed had to cost little to no money and work real well!

As I said, I had sold almost all of my personal possessions, with the exception of my Dell Laptop and a little Panasonic HD camcorder. As it turned out, saving those 2 items alone, along with some trial and error posting real estate videos on craigslist, I was able to recover from the biggest financial disaster of my life.


I knew somehow I had to separate myself from the competition out there who were also struggling to tap into the few buyers that were available. Methods like placing ads in the local paper, websites and cold calling (the industry norms back then) simply didn’t work and I couldn’t afford those outdated methods anyway.

Instinctively, I understood if I could just communicate face to face with people, they would see I was an honest guy, knowledgeable in my market, eager to help them at their own pace and they would be very motivated to contact me for help with buying a home.

They only way I could see to do that, given I had no money and two pieces of equipment, was to post helpful real estate videos and give valuable information that didn’t sound pushy or salesy.

So, that’s what I did. I hung a sheet on the wall, aimed some lights at my face and began creating video content that helped my future prospects and ultimately pulled me out of debt.

Amazingly, my home spun videos attracted new business almost immediately. People were calling me for help and I was no longer chasing business.

Once I knew my videos were working, I set a goal of making $50K in 6 months and amped up my efforts. Long story short, six months later I had generated $49K in commissions and made video marketing the keystone component of my marketing.


While real estate was very good to me, I found that I really enjoyed the process of attracting new business and showing my colleagues and friends how to utilize the video marketing methods I used.

My true passion is teaching entrepreneurs the technical stuff behind making a marketing video, how to narrow down their market by niching, and how to  publish their content in a manner in which it will attract business to them, rather than them chasing customers with outdated marketing methods.


My goal here is to provide you with all the resources you need to be successful in video marketing, regardless of your budget and experience. I will provide quality reviews of the tools you will be using along with comprehensive “how to” guides for the various aspects you must know to get your video marketing system in place and attract business or viewers to you.

I want to show you that marketing or promoting your passion with video is not nearly has hard as one might think and is a fun way to provide quality content to the world.

So, welcome to The Video Marketing Guide and here’s to your future video marketing success! My virtual doors are always open. I welcome your comments to my post and here is my email for you to contact me directly with your questions. info@TheVideoMarketingGuide.com

All the best and success,
Stephen Jaimes



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